Health-Conscious Hangouts: 6 Wellness Spots with Superior Indoor Air Quality in Jakarta


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For residents living in a polluted city like Jakarta, outdoor exercise is often hindered by high pollution levels. Just for your information, the average pollution level in DKI Jakarta during 2023 reached 38 μg/m3, categorized as Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups! However, this is not a reason to avoid exercising because there are still many ways to maintain health.

One option is to shift physical activities indoors. The good news is that there are already many sports facilities in Jakarta with certified Clean Air Zone status! For those looking for inspiration on places to exercise without worrying about pollution, check out the list of gyms and yoga studios whose air quality was guaranteed healthy last November! (Psst.. there are also two bonus beauty spots for those who want to pamper themselves after exercising.)

Hustle House

The first place we'll discuss is Hustle House! This gym aims to help everyone achieve their physical fitness goals. Of course, this requires clean air during exercise. Therefore, Hustle House collaborates with Nafas' Clean Air Zone to maintain air clarity in its gym.

The air quality at Hustle House during last November was proven to be 4 times better than outdoor air. Furthermore, their air conditions meet the National Ambient Air Quality Standard (BMUAN) at 15 μg/m3.


Secondly, there's GOWLAB, a private gym located in South Jakarta. Providing a comfortable space for sports enthusiasts, GOWLAB takes the initiative to protect its indoor air from outdoor pollution.

The air quality inside GOWLAB remains healthy during operating hours, with a PM2.5 level of 10 μg/m3, which is 3 times better than outdoor air.

Union Yoga

Yoga is known as a calming and health-promoting activity. Surely, both of these aspects are supported by clean indoor air. As a Clean Air Zone, the air quality at Union Yoga has improved to be 4 times healthier than outdoor conditions.

PACE Performance

To ensure optimal exercise performance for its members, PACE Performance ensures that indoor air quality remains clean and healthy. The Clean Air Zone ecosystem successfully significantly reduces pollution levels from the outside and consistently provides air that is 14 times better than outdoor air!

After exercising, it's worth taking a moment for some body care. Here are our recommendations for those looking for a comfortable and proven healthy place for hair spa, haircuts, or eyelash and nail treatments in Jakarta 👇

Studio K (beauty salon)

In the realm of beauty, Studio K in South Jakarta is one salon that not only cares about the aesthetics of the place but also the health and cleanliness of its air.

Especially Studio K in Kemang, South Jakarta. As a Clean Air Zone, Studio K has successfully maintained healthy air conditions inside its space, which is more than 3 times better than outdoor air quality.

Dandelion Senopati (beauty)

Lastly, there's the favorite eyelash and nail care boutique for many Jakarta residents, Dandelion Senopati. Not only focusing on beauty, this beauty boutique also pays extra attention to the health of customers and employees by ensuring clean air.

In November, Dandelion successfully maintained healthy air with a PM2.5 level of only 7 μg/m3. Overall, the air quality inside is 5 times better than outside!

There you have it, 6 recommended places for you to exercise and take care of yourself after a day of work! It's time to adopt a healthy and mindful lifestyle by considering air quality when exercising. The benefits we get from exercising would be in vain if done outdoors in high pollution levels.

We also express our highest appreciation to the above 6 locations that prioritize the health and comfort of their customers! Hopefully, in the future, more places will also pay attention to the air health inside their spaces.

If you want your gym and beauty salon to become Clean Air Zone as well, please send an email to [email protected] or click below to register and receive a free AirScore diagnosis!