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Hooray, the rainy season has arrived! The heavy rain is expected to wash away air pollution in every corner of Jakarta, isn't it?

Unfortunately, reality doesn't say the same. Data from the Nafas sensor network shows that the level of air pollution remains high in the Jabodetabek area. Over the last three months, even DKI Jakarta consistently shows air quality that is unhealthy for sensitive groups. The average concentration of PM2.5 varies between 40-48 μg/m³.

In November, there was a slight decrease in the level of air pollution observed, but the monthly average PM2.5 is still 40 μg/m3, almost 3 times above the Annual Ambient Air Quality Standard in Indonesia (BMUA) set at 15 μg/m3.

Field research by Nafas also indicates that the level of pollution leakage from outside into buildings can reach 100%. The good news is, there are schools in Jakarta that can keep the air quality inside their classrooms healthy!

How is it possible? It is possible because these schools have been certified as Clean Air Zones! Curious about which schools we mean? Check out the complete summary below!

IShine Kelapa Gading

IShine is a nature-based international educational institution ranging from early childhood education to kindergarten in North Jakarta. The school has successfully maintained air quality inside its premises during school hours, even meeting the WHO annual exposure limit of 5 μg/m3!

ISMILE Permata Hijau

This nature-based international school is consisting of early childhood education (PAUD) to kindergarten (TK) and located in South Jakarta. ISMILE Permata Hijau has successfully maintained indoor air cleanliness, and even better, their air quality with an average PM2.5 of 9 μg/m³ falls into the healthy category!

New Zealand School

Located in Kemang, New Zealand School is an international educational ecosystem from New Zealand offering programs from early childhood education to high school. The school has successfully maintained air quality inside its premises, being 4 times healthier than the outdoor air quality!

Green Montessori School

This Montessori-based educational institution in South Jakarta is also among the best air quality schools during last November. Green Montessori School has successfully maintained healthy air quality with PM2.5 at 9 μg/m³, or 4 times cleaner than the outdoors.

HEI Schools

The Finnish school based in Senayan, HEI Schools, is committed to maintaining air quality in their classrooms. After collaborating with Clean Air Zones from Nafas, HEI Schools have achieved a healthy air quality level with a PM2.5 rate of 10 μg/m³.

Mighty Minds

Mighty Minds is an international kindergarten with three campus branches in Jakarta, namely in Menteng (Central Jakarta), and Kemang, and Hang Tuah (South Jakarta).

Remarkably, all Mighty Minds campuses have successfully maintained healthy air quality throughout school hours in November with a PM2.5 range of 5-10 μg/m³!

Mighty Minds is also the first Clean Air Zone-certified school with the air quality-based school policy in Indonesia.

Kinderfun Preschool

One of the Early Childhood Education facilities located in South Jakarta is also part of the Clean Air Zone! According to measurements conducted by the Nafas team, this school has successfully improved the indoor air quality more than threefold. Undoubtedly, this is a significant achievement for the health of every student within the education ecosystem.

Congratulations to the seven schools that have excelled in creating a nurturing and comfortable learning environment! These institutions have not only fostered cognitive and creative development in children but have also prioritized something even more crucial – health!

Interested in ensuring your school's air quality is top-notch? Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected], or click the link below to register for a complimentary AirScore assessment. Let's work together to make clean air a standard in our schools!