New Feature: Letting You Know When To Open Windows & Doors With The Ventilation Alert


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Reports have shown that a large majority of COVID-19 outbreaks have happened indoors in poorly ventilated spaces. In May 2021, The Economist even published an article titled “Improving ventilation will help curb SARS-CoV-2” highlighting that the primary mode of infection was through the air. 

As part of the strategy to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread, air quality scientists around the world have recommended people to ventilate their indoor spaces by opening their windows and doors.

In places like Greater Jakarta, this can be a problem because the outdoor air quality in many cases is worse than indoors. 

Introducing The Ventilation Alert Feature

That’s why at nafas, we have been working hard to help make the air quality data that we monitor every 10 minutes much more valuable to you and your family. 

If you open the app today, you will notice that there is a floating bar at the top of the map which says “Only ventilate (open windows) if the air quality is GOOD or MODERATE”. This is designed as a reminder to keep track of the colors. 

When you tap on any sensor on the map, the detailed air quality information for that particular location will be displayed. This card is now also showing the current conditions for ventilation - “Safe to Ventilate” or “Do Not Ventilate”. 

Safe To Ventilate

Do Not Ventilate

This information is also available on the details page for each sensor - there’s no way to miss it. 

Set Ventilation Notifications As Reminders 

As part of this feature, we have also enabled Ventilation Notifications, which are available on the “Alerts Settings” page of the app. For each individual location, you will be sent a push notification to your phone when the air quality is good enough to open the windows and doors, but also when it is time to close them again. 

You can access the Alerts Settings page from the settings menu in the app, but also by clicking on “Receive Air Quality Alerts” at the bottom of each sensor page. Turning the Ventilation Notifications is simple, just click on the slider and you should be receiving notifications soon!