Nafas Report: Why Jakarta's Air Quality Remains Poor Despite Decreased Traffic During Idul Fitri?


Kezia Grace





English / Indonesia

Nafas April 2023 Air Quality Report has been released! 

The Nafas April 2023 Air Quality Report has been published, highlighting the air quality situation during the Idul Fitri holiday period when millions of residents leave Jabodetabek and return to their hometowns. Despite a 41% increase in the exodus rate compared to last year, there was no significant improvement in Jakarta's air quality during the exodus period (April 20-21).

The report shows that poor air quality was also experienced in other cities, with Bandung having the worst air quality during April 2023, with an average air quality level of 37 ug/m3, which is 32% worse than Jakarta. Additionally, Bedahan (Depok) still had the highest pollution level among the ten locations with the worst pollution during April 2023, with PM2.5 concentrations in the air reaching 49 ug/m3, 10 times higher than WHO guidelines.

According to the report, vehicle emissions are not the main contributor to air pollution in Jakarta. The Nafas April 2023 Air Quality Report contains many interesting findings, including which cities experienced an improvement or deterioration in air quality.

To learn more about the factors that influenced the level of pollution in Jakarta and other cities throughout April 2023:

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