3 tips for using your aria AirTest


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We designed the AirTest to be simple to use whether you have your phone with you or not, and we wanted to share with you some tips to really maximize the way you AirTest helps you achieve your healthy air goals. 

Tip #1: Set Your Notifications

For each AirTest that you have in your home, you can set a notification by AQI level. This means that you will receive a notification anytime the AQI has increased beyond a certain amount and allows you to take corrective action. 

At home, we set our AirTest alert to an AQI level of 100. If it reaches that amount we close the windows and doors, and turn on our air purifiers. 

Tip #2: Keep Track Of Your Healthy Air 

The AirTest collects data every few minutes, from which we create an hourly average. When you click on your AirTest in app, you can see the data by hour, by day and even by month. 

Why is this important? Looking at the hourly data, we can identify any problems and the times that they happen. That gives us the chance to see if we need to make any changes in our home, or purchase an air purifier like the aria Pure40. 

Tip #3: Compare With The Outdoors 

With your AirTest connected to your nafas app, you can compare your indoor air quality with the current state of outdoor air. This helps us figure out if we should keep windows and doors open or closed. 

In our homes, we also use this to make our decisions about how we spend our time with our families. 

My Air Is Unhealthy, Now What? 

The aria AirTest keeps you informed about the health of your indoor air. So what to do if the numbers are Unhealthy? Some things that affect air quality:  

  • Not completely “indoor” - some homes in Indonesia have open spaces that are covered, but not actually indoors. Need to move the AirTest inside.
  • Open windows & doors - when they are open, unhealthy air from outside can come in. Close your windows and doors. 
  • “Seepage” - homes in Indonesia are not designed to have a proper seal, meaning that Unhealthy air from outside can come indoors through cracks in walls, window frames, under doors, which is quite common.
  • Frying and toasting - deep fried food is tasty, but it produces a lot of very small smoke particles (same with making toast). It’s best to run a purifier to help clean up the indoors. 

The most common solution to keep indoor air healthy is to purchase an air purifier with HEPA filter technology. 

We recognized the need for this as a solution, and built the aria Pure40 purifier that can connect to the same app and work together with your AirTest. The Pure40 covers a room size of 40m2, can filter 99.5% of viruses & bacteria with its HEPA filter and can be paired with your AirTest so that they can work together to keep your air healthy.

💡 Learn more about the aria Pure40 here.