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You’ve already read about how HEPA purifiers help reduce the risk of COVID-19 (link to previous blog) and you’re ready to choose one. 

⚠️ Remember that the 3 important things are: 

  1. The air purifier has HEPA filtration
  2. There are no additional technologies (ionisation, plasma, UV) as recommended by The Lancet (read more here: bit.ly/lancetCOVID19)
  3. The Clean Air Delivery Rate of the purifier is optimized to provide between 4 and 6 air changes in your room

That last one is the most important because a purifier that is too small or not powerful enough for your room will not clean it properly. 

That’s why we built a CADR calculator for you to use!

It’s easy!

Enter the size of your room - length, height and width into the yellow boxes. 

Get the CADR range that is needed to perform 4-6 air changes. 

Compare that to the purifiers listed on 3 separate tabs:

  • Smart HEPA Purifier
  • Regular HEPA Purifier
  • Purifier With Technology Not Recommended by The Lancet

Open the CADR Calculator Here and click “File>Make A Copy” to open an editable version.

📖 https://bit.ly/GuidelineMemilihPurifier 

Don’t Have A HEPA Purifier At Home?

If you don't have a purifier yet, the aria Pure40 is a great option. We built it based on everything we wished our previous purifiers had. 

It has: 

  • Room Coverage -  40m2
  • CADR - 350m3/h
  • HEPA Filter
  • App-based data & controls (connects right into the nafas app).

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