Setting alerts for sunbathing your baby


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So you’ve got a newborn!👶
Congratulations! 🎊 

At Nafas, we strive to help people understand how air pollution impacts their lives. We design features to help them live healthier lives in polluted cities.

Sunbathing your child is an important part of everyday life as it provides the baby with essentials like Vitamin D, lowers bilirubin, and kickstarts the melatonin creation process. 

Living in Indonesia where air pollution is high, means we need to take extra care when sunbathing our babies. PM2.5 pollution is quite dangerous for our babies - to read more about it,
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As you can see here, the 7-10 AM time can have relatively high pollution: 

Using Nafas air quality data, we can make better decisions - should sunbathing be done inside or outside?

That’s why Nafas has created the Alerts feature -
set your time, and receive a reminder notification from Nafas on the current air quality level.

Here are the steps: 

  1. Choose the sensor closest to your home
  2. Scroll down until you find “Air Quality Alerts” and select
  3. Choose the time that you would like to create an alert - for jemur bayi, we recommend 6.30 AM
  4. That’s it!

When you receive notifications, it should look like this: 

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