Save your child from air pollution with the 'Save Favorites' feature!


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Whether it is summer season or school time, our kids are going to be outside. Outdoor play is great for development. It enables kids to develop more advanced motor skills, such as balance, coordination, and agility than their indoor peers do. During playing outside, they can play games, push their physical boundaries, express themselves, and gain self-confidence. However, outdoor air quality can worsen when we least expect it. Exposure to high pollution is not good for children’s development. That's why checking the air quality before playtime is so important. 

We, therefore, want to ease you in avoiding the danger of air pollution and make sure that your loved ones can breathe clean air. Nafas provides a
‘Save Favorites’ feature that helps you stay informed about the air quality in your chosen area. You can always choose your home area, your kids' playground, or your kids' school to keep up with the air quality conditions there!

To make it easy, we've made saving locations incredibly simple
– just press the ❤️ anywhere in the app!

On the homepage, we've also added a simple ‘Click to add favorite’ button, with all sensors organized by city for quick access.

By saving the places that we have chosen, we will get easily keep an eye on the air quality where our kids go to school or in playgroups and the places that our children go outside to play.

​​Let's live a healthy life by starting to monitor your air quality with