Tips to maximize your nafas experience

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We’ve put together a very short guide on how you can maximize your nafas experience. Here are some key ways that nafas can help you stay up-to-date about air quality wherever you are.

  • Save your favorite locations
  • Set air quality alerts for the most important locations
  • Enable the special alerts
  • Ranking of areas with the worst air conditions
  • Follow the trend from nafas Insights
  • 'Learn' section to gain insights about air quality

#1 Save your favorite locations

We intend to save people in the area by monitoring air quality in places where they are productive, such as homes, schools, or playgroups, and where children play outside. Thus, we made saving locations very easy - just press ❤️ anywhere on the app.

We've also created a simple "Add Favorite" button on the homepage, with all sensors organized by city for easy access.

#2 Air Quality Alerts for most important locations

Air Quality Alerts can notify you about the air quality in the locations you follow. Alerts can be set by clicking "Receive Air Quality Notifications" in any location, which will open the settings menu.

You can choose whether to set Air Quality Alerts by time or AQI.

#3 Enable the special alerts

We’ve created features we called the special alerts, which consist of Exercise Alert, Ventilation Alert, and Jemur Bayi Alert.

An exercise alert will notify you when the length of exercise should be reduced, meanwhile ventilation alert will send you an alert when the air is good enough to ventilate.

If you have a baby to sunbathe with, jemur bayi alert will notify you by the time you want!

#4 Ranking of areas with the worst air conditions

To see a ranking of the list of areas with the worst air conditions at the moment, you can access it via the Rankings section on the homepage.

#5 Follow the trend from nafas Insights

Nafas Insights is a summary of the air quality in your location in the last 7 days so that you can be aware of the air quality trend around you.

To explore your nafas Insights, you can access it via the Home page > Insights > nafas Insights.

#6 ‘Learn’ section to learn about air quality

We've rounded up everything you want to learn about nafas, from air quality, air pollution, how our sensors work, and many more.

You can access it by clicking the 'Learn' button in the right corner.

Along with this feature, we hope that it will help you learn more about air quality, its impact, and its benefits in general.

We will add additional features from time to time to help you avoid air pollution. If you want to suggest something, please contact us here - [email protected]

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